Immersion homestay programme consist in spending a few days, or weeks, in France, to learn French

An immersion homestay programme allows you to understand, not only the linguistic aspect but also the cultural and social aspects of France. A language immersion homestay programme has many benefits. Immersion learning allows you to acquire fluency and spontaneity… The assimilation of idiomatic expressions and linguistics particularities that make the difference! French learned during an immersion homestay programme is less quickly forgotten, because what you have learned is connected to the experience lived during the stay: relation with the host family, cultural discoveries, adaptation to daily life… Immersion homestay programme provides a sustainable mastery of the language.

Knowing the French language opens up the world, gives interests in another culture, avoids cultural prejudice and makes possible the development of cultural relationships.
Immersion homestay programmes are cultural and linguistic immersions, which put the participant in a continuous training situation: during the French courses, but also outside the courses (relations with family, activities, visits, cultural and tourist outings, daily situations such as meals or purchases in a shop….). Learning is most likely to succeed when the person has the opportunity to learn while experiencing everyday situations that allow them to acquire the language through practice.

Immersion homestay programme in France is the discovering of a new culture, a new way of living and thinking, but also (and above all), communicating only in the language of the host country. In France, in your host family, there is no escape, you will have to speak as much French as possible! You will learn new words, you will speak authentic French: French in France ! Immersion Language homestay programme is a true learning experience.

Grammar will be learned in the morning during private lessons. The main principle of linguistic immersion is to be totally cut off from your native language for a while. This is why this method of language acquisition is very profitable. It is an alternative and unique method that goes beyond the traditional learning framework with courses and lessons. Even if private tuition is part of the immersion homestay programme, learning french is completely « free », in daily contact with your host teacher.

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Last modified: 28 November 2019