Learning French by an immersion homestay programme is the fast way to improve your French.

You are living in a French-speaking environment, with French native, into your French family: your teacher is your host. You will enjoy natural interaction with French native speakers. You will learn French without effort! Just sharing the life of a French family! Your everyday life will be in a French context! 

Thus, you will enjoy personalised one to one French lessons. Private lesson with your qualified host teacher.  Private teaching is the best way to improve your French level. Lessons are adapted to you: your level, your need, your goal…
An immersion homestay programme consists in private lessons every morning and activities all the afternoon. The French private lessons provide you grammatical knowledge. Then you will practise and learn a lot of new French words by speaking with your family, and during activities (visiting the town, taking part in different talks with French native, discovering a lot of things…).

But, an immersion homestay programme is also a good way to spend the holiday !! To relax and enjoy a very comfortable house, in a very nice town, sharing typical French meals, discovering cheese, wine and Champagne !!!
Let’s book a wonderful homestay in France, in Châlons en Champagne….

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Last modified: 28 November 2019